AK HIGHTREX MOLY SERIES GREASE are multipurpose Non‐soap base grease, made from a heat resistance bentonite thickener and chemically stable molybdenum disulphide (MOS2), which is very effective lubricants with extremely good anti‐scuffing characteristics. The Presence of MOS2, make it suitable for lubrication of machine elements operating under high temperature conditions.

AK HIGHTREX MOLY SERIES GREASE also contains antioxidants, anti‐corrosion and extreme pressure additives together with Molybdenum Disulfide for enhanced extreme pressure and anti‐seize performance. They exhibit good water resistance and excellent adherence to metal surfaces


  • IS 12790: 1989 Grade 3 Specifications

  • US STEEL No. 372 & ASTM D 4950 GC‐LB.

  • IPSS: 1‐09‐008 specification.


  • Good Extreme‐Pressure and Anti‐wear Properties.

  • Provides superior equipment protection under severe operating conditions.

  • Better protection of equipment operating under boundary lubrication condition and sliding mechanisms.

  • Lower grease consumption and better bearing protection.

  • Good pumpability which makes it suitable for centralized lubrication systems.