AUTOKING HIGHTREX SERIES GREASES are multi‐functional high temperature greases, formulated with a high dropping point lithium complex thickener and especially developed synergistic additives for lubrication up to 180°C under normal to heavy loads. The complex soap incorporated in the greases enable them to retain their structure even at high temperatures and loads.

AUTOKING HIGHTREX SERIES GREASES provide greases have excellent shear stability and good surface adhesion. They are non‐ageing and are highly resistant to cold and hot water, heat, dust, rust, corrosion and oxidation.


  • Proprietary Grade.


  • Good Extreme‐Pressure and Anti‐wear Properties.

  • Can withstand shock loads which leads to better bearing protection.

  • Good pumpability which makes it suitable for centralized lubrication systems.

  • Resistance to copper and steel corrosion.

  • Good adhesive property ensures longer re‐ lubrication intervals.